What People Have To Say About Me:)

  • Ruby never ceases to amaze me. Every visit with her is different, and if anything, more intense than the last. She loves to explore, to experiment.....but primarily her goal is to give you the best experience you have ever had. And she succeeds. She is a self-assured woman with high standards, and she rightfully expects you to share those standards. Respect her, respect her boundaries, earn her trust and treat her like the wonderful, sensitive woman she is, and she will give you an experience that you will never forget.


  • This gal really gives it her all to be pampering to her guests. However, when we got down to business, she wasn't afraid to make her own requests, which is always fine by me. A very good, sweaty, intense time was had by both of us. Great gal.


  • Saw Ruby on a whim and could not have had a better time. She was easy to book with, friendly, and extremely enthusiastic. Couple that with her very warm sense of empathy and you’ve the makings of a great time. Highly recommend.